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I am an Xbox player and have been since the first Gen. I have over 20 years of gaming experience. I am mainly into shooters such as rainbow six, Halo, PUBG, Call of Duty and apex Legends. I've join several gaming tournament that are hosted in the city where I live.

My skills are more supportive during battles but I am able to be on the aggressive side as well during battles and able to change tactics during the fights. Also I’m able to work well within the team with great call outs, sharing my collected items and staying with the team. I’m ready to play competitive and sometimes for fun with a team that is open minded, has great communication and determination.

Gamertag on Xbox -NFamousMonster 

Apex domination


easy 18 kill game on apex

Apex domination

Casual, Looking for bigger things

So I started playing smite back around the beta stages and instantly fell in love. I had played other MOBA titles in the past (League of Legends, DOTA2, etc..) but Smite for me was more immersive and way more fun. The fact that the playable characters in the game are all gods from different pantheons around the globe was amazing to me. Since then I have logged several hundred hours over several accounts (mostly made to play with friends who were just starting out and didn't want to play on my current ELO). I would never claim to be the best at the game, but I'm always looking to get better and learn new builds, gods, and strategies.