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Facebook:Sam fulgence 




Age 17 Free To play Fortnite Apex Siege,Call of duty. Rouge company 1mill damage within 4days game time

Up and coming E-sports star Represting ENG,GER,JPN

Languages i Speak English 

About me I am a thumbnail designer for the instergram page xfl00px (34.9k)

Pretty shy i dont talk much but i Perform Better than avg but not a god 

Time avilable GMT ONLY WEEKDAY 5pm-2am Weekend 11:00am-3AM (17hours)  

PS4-WINS 740 WIN % 7.80 KILLS 18,972 K/D 2.16

PC-WINS 38 WIN %5.30 KILLS 1,240 K/D1.82

Call of duty my avg kd is 1.21

Apex-Level 230 Kills 2659  DMG 650

Wraith 1,221  DMG 302,451 Headshots 1,570  Wattson 1,012 DMG 263,775 Headshots 1,245 

Rainbow Six siege Wins 623 Wins 52.2% Kills 4,111 KD 1.03 Top 3 Charactors Hibana Ela Cav

Do like my memes i do get annoyed if i feel like im under performing i never blame team mates unless it obvious 

i do a lot of callouts they say i sound like Cloakzy. 

Things I hate Music/Video's In party or voice chats 

False Callouts "Hes So Low" Yet i or a team mate Has to Crack His shields and then 50hp.

Cant make up choices in time to push where to land if to late.

AFK When loading or About to Drop (Cod pre-gameLobby

Lag i dont really get anoyoed about it happens/powercuts 

Getting Booted from a team after 3 games 


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AR Scrims EU (East)


Hit some snipes i don't tend to buildfight I box up and scrim

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  • GYO Score - Fortnite
  • GYO Score - Battlefield 4
  • GYO Score - Apex Legends
  • GYO Score - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
  • GYO Score - Destiny 2
  • GYO Score - Rogue Company
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